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Mothers Day Event Fundraiser

We have been invited to be a vendor at a local Mothers Day Event Fundraiser hosted by All Creatures Pet Grooming at 2411 E South Street Orlando, FL 32803.  Proceeds will honor mothers at BETA Center- Helping Children and Families Grow Together.

You can check their Indigogo post here:

Helping Children & Families Grow Together Fundraiser

We will be showing a demonstration of how we restore headlights and there will be a RAFFLE!

Raffle Drum

We are raffling off a headlight restoration for one lucky winner.  All Creatures Pet Grooming will also be raffling off tickets to Disney, Disney Water Parks, and Universal Studios.

We hope to see you there!

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Moisture Inside the Headlights

One of the things that we cannot fix is moisture trapped inside the headlight. This is caused by a leak in the seal around the lens and the housing.

This is an example of moisture trapped inside the headlight:

Moisture Trapped Inside the Headlight - Orlando Headlight Restoration Moisture Trapped Inside the Headlight - Orlando Headlight Restoration

We informed the customer that sadly, we can’t fix this.  We did perform a headlight restoration on this particular headlight, which will increase visibility at night.  We informed them that to fix this, you can either purchase another headlight or remove the headlight and find the cause of the problem.

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2004 Isuzu Rodeo Headlight Restoration

Today we preformed a headlight restoration on an Isuzu Rodeo.


The owner mentioned to us that visibility at night was poor and was excited to be able to see again at night.

Oxidized headlights are a major safety concern for night driving and our headlight restoration service can get you back to seeing at night again.

Want to see at night again?

Book Now

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2004 Hyundai Santa Fe Headlight Restoration

Today we performed a Headlight Restoration on “Big Red”.

Orlando-Headlight-Cleaning-2004 Hyundai Santa Fe-Headlight-Restoration

The owner was extremely pleased with the restoration and questioned how they became faded in the first place.

We explained it like this:

Daily exposure to UV from the sun eats away at the clear coat used to seal headlights at the factory.  This process is normal but often leads to the ugly headlights you see on the road.

She now has her headlights protected and guaranteed for 2 years to be clear of defects or discoloration.


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