What is involved in the restoration process?

This is dependent on the condition of your headlights.  Typically the headlights are wet sanded to remove all oxidation and/or scratches.  We follow this with a polish to restore clarity.  Lastly, we apply a permanent UV sealant to keep your headlights looking as new as OEM (original equipment from the manufacturer).

What's the difference between your service vs the DIY kit at the auto store?

The difference between the kits you can purchase and our services would be experience and how long the clarity of your headlights will last.  Some headlight kits don't come with the required materials to completely remove oxidation.  Most of these kits also include a sealant, but they are temporary and are no match for our UV sealant that is guaranteed!

How long does your service normally take?

Each headlight takes approximately 15-30 minutes.  Our sealant cures (dries) in approximately 1 hour.  During this curing time, the vehicle should avoid water while the sealant is still drying.

How do I maintain my "new" headlights?

The only required upkeep to keep your headlights looking great is to regularly wash your car.

How long will my headlights stay clear?

Our sealant makes a permanent bond to your headlights.  However, we guarantee they will stay clear for up to 2 years from application.  The only way to remove the sealant we apply is with abrasion.

If your headlights show any sign of cloudiness/haze within 2 years of application, contact us and we will restore them again and restart your warranty period.

We want you to love your headlights and the new look of your car.

Do I need to do anything prior to your arrival?

The only request we ask for is to pop open your hood to aid with cleanup.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accpet cash and all major credit cards including PayPal online or in person.

How much does it cost?

The price of two headlights is $80.  Fog lights can be added for $30 extra.