New Website Look

We recently revamped our site to help increase the look and ease of booking your appointments. While our old website was great, refreshing the look brought it into 2019! Please let us know if you like the new look and how you would improve it!

If you are interested, we previously had the “Sterling” theme by TrueThemes or you can find the theme on Themeforest.

We have now switched to “OnePress” by famethemes and are using the optional but highly recommended plugin OnePress Plus. If you are looking to redo your website, I highly recommend checking them out as I have been more than satisfied with their products and services.

We are also working towards a better solution for our gallery. Currently it’s not very user friendly and all of the old pics didn’t match. We are looking for solutions to streamline and make everything organized and beautiful. If you have a favorite gallery plugin, please be sure to link it!

To help with the booking process, we are going to be doing weekly updates starting this weekend. We hope this keeps a steady flow of available dates for headlight restorations. Our previous method of doing monthly reviews was not working well for bookings and left many days unavailable for emergencies.

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